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Wrench-kun (レンチくん, Renchi kun?) is the Chief of Engineering of Amagi Brilliant Park.


Wrench-kun has the appearance of a large metal wrench with a red handle, with a face. Instead of normal hands he has two small red clamps. There is a small rope tied around his head which gives him the impression of being a typical blue collar worker. He has a deep, resounding voice.


Wrench-kun is knowledgeable of the park and knows its limitations well, which suggests that he is passionate about his role in the park as the Chief of Engineering. Linked to this is the fact that he is rather hardworking and unquestioning, which is why when Seiya orders him to turn of one of the broken pumps he doesn't protest. When Seiya suggests extending the opening times, his only objection is that the park isn't equipped for night-time use.



Episode 4

He tells Seiya about a broken pump and asks him what he should about it.

Episode 7

Renchi rushes along with Taramo to the scene where the gate connecting Maple Land floods, but is unable to help resolve the situation.



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