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Triken (トリケン Toriken) is the Chief of Sales of Amagi Brilliant Park.


Triken has the appearance of a yellow and orange Triceratops with blue, thick rimmed glasses. As is expected of an amusement park mascot, his features are very cutesy and cartoony. He has two white horns protruding from his forehead and one from his nose area. His red eyes and curved mouth give off a relaxed yet goofy look, reminiscent of the ":3" emote.


He is shown to be obedient and hardworking. Always put a lot of efforts into his job.Though he is often criticized about his works by Seiya (And in one instance, Moffle.) as being "Dull and uncreative". He is also rather perverted. This is shown by how he enjoys taking videos of the girls in swimsuits and he is revealed to have extensive knowledge of AVs. Despite this, he shows he can control himself, and tends to keep his perversion at a minimum.

Other than that, he also is more amiable and calmer than the rest of the characters.



Episode 3: Triken is seen editing the videos from the advertisement.

Episode 4: Triken briefly appears and is shown to have drafted the new guide park for Amagi Briliant Park, however all four versions are bland and mediocre. Because of this, Seiya rejected all of them and made a new version with only a few clicks.

Episode 6: It is revealed that Triken has an extensive knowledge AVs.



Moffle invites Triken, as well as the other staff to a get-together and Triken doesn't attend. It's revealed that even though Moffle is the team leader, he is actually disliked by many of the employees. Triken is rather respectful towards Moffle, though this could be merely because Moffle is in a position of power within Amaburi.

Seiya Kanie Triken and Seiya have a rather amiable relationship, even though Seiya can be bossy and snooty towards him. He is obedient and appears to respect Seiya.




- [In the anime], Triken usually says he'll "hunch over" something, probably due to the fact that he liked what he saw.

- Due to his ambiguous nature, he probably swings both ways, as seen in Episode 13 -- he had asked the Security team to take off most of their clothes for the promotional video. He also was interested in what Kobory said when she mentioned "handsome men."

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