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Tetsuhige (鉄ひげ?. lit. "Ironbeard") is a pirate from Maple Land with the form of an elephant seal.


Tetsuhige took the form of a large elephant seal with scars across his body and face. He wore a blue tricorne hat and vest with yellow outlines and a red sash around his waist. On his face is a pair of metal lightning-shaped tusks which gives him the title 'Ironbeard'.


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As a pirate, he is mean and ruthless. When there is no treasure in the park, he decides to capture the visitors and the cast members to sell them as slaves.

However, despite his cruel demeanor, he has a natural fear for sharks, as they are prey-predator by nature in real life. His defiance towards Seiya was easily broken by Jaw rebuking him into silence and obedience.

After working at the park, Tetsuhige begins to slowly enjoy making the customers happy to the point where he was willing to help them save it from closing.


According to Moffle, Tetsuhige was Maple Land's most fearsome pirate. Somehow he found the portal which leads to Amagi Brilliant Park in search for treasure.


Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 7: Due to a portal being opened a large flow of water from Maple Land, Tetsuhige and his crew were able to enter the real world. Seeing no treasure in Amagi Brilliant Park, Tetsuhige settled for capturing the visitors. He got Tiramy to join after utilizing the latter's lust for women. He later had the staff, Latifa Fleuranza, and the visitors chained to serve him. Despite being captured, the visitors were enjoying themselves because they thought it was part of the show. Tetsuhige later forces Tiramy to have Macaron, Moffle, and Isuzu Sento walk the plank in sticky goo. Seiya and a few othe fairies fought back and freed their friends. Despite putting up a good fight, Tetsuhige was defeated after seeing the realistic shark form of Jaw. After the park was liberated, he and his men were forced into working for the park to repay the damages they made and because the visitors were in good spirits. Although he tried to protest, Jaw forced him into complying and Seiya put Jaw in charge.



Due to his fear of sharks, Tetsuhige is terrified of him and will comply to his demand, despite his defiant attitude. Because of this, Seiya places Jaw in charge of Tetsuhige and his crew to not cause trouble.


Despite his size, Tetsuhige is a skillful swordsman, able to hold his ground against Isuzu's and Moffle's attacks simultaneously by himself.

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He can also projects his iron tusks and regrow them, but does not causing any harm to his target, possibly only to mark his targets.


  • He shares the same Japanese voice actor as Gauron from Full Metal Panic which is also written by Shoji Gatoh.
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