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Sylphy (シルフィー, Shirufī?) is a fairy of wind and works at the Elementario at Amagi Brilliant Park.


Sylph, a fantasy creature that appears in many folklores and fairytales, that often represents the element of wind and air. They often take the form of a typical fairy or pixie and have the ability to manipulate the air around them. They are known to cause mischief.


Sylphy has blonde hair and blue eyes and wears two blue ribbons on both sides of her head. The dress has a big blue ribbon bow just above where the dress begins to open and flow out. Underneath she wears blue shorts with white sandals. She wears fingerless gloves. Her wings resemble an insect's wings and have small round holes in them. Her wings can be taken off.


Sylphy is hyperactive, childish, ditzy and air-headed. It seems she doesn't take into account her surroundings as much as others since it shows in Episode 2, she was the only fairy that didn't seem sad upon hearing the sad news. She is the most enthusiastic and playful of the fairies.

In Volume 7 of the Light Novels, Sylphy orders a spray can from Nyamazon that makes people have a sudden urge to dance. She sprays it on herself, however, it doesn't affect her, she tries it on her workmates, Muse, Koboli and Salama and they all end up dancing. Sylphy then sprays it on Moffle, Macaron and Tiramie, creating a little dance mob. Kanie tries to stop them however Sylphy sprays them and Kanie is also affected and starts dancing like Michael Jackson in Smooth Criminal. Sylphy infects other cast members and almost has the entire park infected however the last person to get affected is Sento. Sylphy and Sento have a brief fight, the latter comes out victorious as she shoots the spray can. Everyone then returns to their senses.




  • Sylphy's apartment is filled with dominoes and is extremely hard for anyone to navigate around it.
  • In the light novel and the manga, she has pointy, elflike ears like all other Elementario members. In the anime, she has human-shaped ears
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