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Steinberger (スタインバーガー Sutainbāgā) is a magical muzzleloader. This magic gun has multiple bullets, including Pain Bringer or Forgotten Realm bullet. It's wielded by Isuzu Sento, who usually pulls it out from underneath her skirt, as it can be drawn from any area of bare skin.


Steinberger is silver-white muzzleloader with a wooden grip with golden accents. The golden accents go down the sides and have one straight gold line with another golden line snaking around it. The color scheme of the Steinburger suits Isuzu's character design.


Steinberger can shoot many different bullets, but the main bullets are:

Pain Bringer: Feels as twice as painful as stubbing your toe. Costs 30 yen for a pack of 10. Seiya states that she used them "as if it was going out of fashion"

Forgotten Realm Bullet: Can erase memories. This bullet is very precious as just one takes an entire year to manufacture. Isuzu has a very limited supply.

Paradise Lost: Makes the target lose their reproductive functions forever.


  • Steinberger is a kind of guitar. Electric and Bass. Steinberger Guitar.
  • According to Seiya, the musket is capable of semi-automatic fire (although he refers to it as automatic). This defies all logic, as a musket with no capability for superseded loading (multiple trigger and hammers) can only fire one shot before reloading.
    • However, Isuzu could just reload inhumanly fast, or it's pure magic, as the musket is of a Maple Land origin.
  • Isuzu owns a carbine version, used often in close quarters and carried around as a main carry piece. Often used on the "Three Stooges".
  • The long musket is often only seen on walls or carried openly. She almost always carries a carbine version.
  • She carries up to two carbines at once, and carries one at all times (even when sleeping).