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Seiya Kanie ( 西せい?) is the main male protagonist of Amagi Brilliant Park series. He is the manager of Amagi Brilliant Park.


Seiya is a young man who is considered to be handsome (according to Isuzu Sento (and Seiya himself) with short dark brown hair, golden eyes and a tall build.

He wears casual clothes, he is trendy, which could be because of his history in the entertainment industry.

In his manager outfit, he wears a white dress shirt under a dark blue jacket with golden accents, gold aiguillettes worn on the right shoulder, a red tie, gray pants, and a red armband with the word "支配人" (Shihainin; "manager") on it around his left arm. When it draws closer to summer, he wears a sleeveless white dress shirt.


Seiya's vanity as he admires his own looks

Due to Seiya's past as a child star, he has developed a major superiority complex as seen when he looks at himself in a mirror and admires his own looks. This narcissistic behavior is seen again as in his first meeting of them and the park, he looked down on all of the park workers for their poor talent and eccentric behaviors.

Despite that, he is very intelligent and is an honor student at his school. Due to his arrogant and narcissistic personality, many people have always turned away from him as a result which is why he does not have any friends in high school, however he is popular with girls. He dislikes flirting with any particular girl because it betrays his style of remaining cool and casual. Because of this attitude, he is still single because of this and is embarrassed by this. However, he has been shown to attract the affections of Isuzu Sento and Shiina Chūjō who are both able to look past his nature and see a good side to him.

Despite his large ego, he is actually a hardworking and dedicated character who is willing to do anything for Amagi Brilliant Park. This is further proven in episode 4 where he states that "Trivial setbacks are nothing but common occurrences in everyday life, therefore you should not get hung over on them." It is shown that he does possess compassion as in episode 12, as he worked hard to prevent the park from being shut down, he was happy to see that he saved the park though embarrassed by the hugs he was given. Afterwards he gave a touching speech, while criticizing the park workers for the impression on him in the beginning, he displays a rare moment of expressing compassion and gratitude towards them for always sticking by his side even shedding tears, much to the park's shock and eventual laughter as he was dismayed at this.

Isuzu sees him as someone of nature meaning he has the nature of a "rational commander, a cold-hearted tactician" but also "a passionate artist and entertainer aware of what the masses want".

It is revealed within the Light Novels, that most of his narcissistic tendencies is purposely exaggerated as a sort of psychological coping mechanism for him to isolate himself from others and not get too close to them. He does this because of his childhood trauma of being a child star was too pressuring and stressful for him to deal with due to his abusive and demanding mother and neglectful father. In order to cope with his parents divorce and childhood trauma, he puts on a facade of an arrogant, overly confident and self-centered demeanour and wants to be left alone in order to make himself feel happier. He is actually a caring and compassionate person that wants to help others be happy and successful, which is why he enjoys being Amaburi's Park Manager.

He is prideful in his abilities and skills. Whenever the park fails or anything goes wrong under his leadership, he takes full responsiblity and it deeply hurts his ego. Despite having the great power of reading people's mind, he prefers to be conserative with his power and only use it at critical times, due to his "Grenade Rule", which is he would rarely ever use any of his grenades in a first person shooter, he also does this because he'd prefer to accomplish tasks purely on his own merit, relying on the mind reading power partly hurts his pride.


Five years ago, Seiya was involved in the entertainment industry during his childhood and his stage name was Seiya Kodama (児玉 誠也, Kodama Seiya?). According to Isuzu, he was a child who would have made every adult/parent proud. But Seiya had told her that he 'died a long time ago'. At the peak of his popularity as a child actor, he suddenly grew a fear of heights. He states that this can be due to him being afraid of letting his parents down or losing his popularity possibly because of the pressure, but he has yet to understand the reasons. However his choice of quitting showbiz was not directly caused by those fears. He changed his last name from Kyūbu (久武?) to Kanie after his real name was somehow leaked online, after he quit show business and begrudingly chose his mother's family name, Kanie, as his surname to keep his identity secret.

He once met Latifah over 10 years ago by chance after getting lost. This was when he promised Latifah that he would save her.




Not much is known about Seiya's time with his parents, but Seiya tried hard to please them as a child star. He changed his last name from Kyūbu (久武) to Kanie after his parents divorced, showing he wanted to distance himself from them. This is further seen when he chose to stay with his aunt rather than one of his parents.

Seiya heavily resents his mother who pressured and abused him to be the perfect child star, and also holds a grudge against his father for neglecting him and not protecting him from his abusive mother.

Seiya's father has attempted to reconnect with Seiya with his new step daughter's by inviting him to dinner but Seiya angrily denied the invitation remembering his previous apathetic behaviour.

Aisu Kyūbu

Seiya's aunt (from his father's side) and his guardian. Aisu greatly cares for her nephew even if she find his ways to be conceited and annoying. In spite of his behavior, Aisu displays she wants what's best for him, as shown when she was excited he made an acquaintance out of Isuzu Sento, meaning she wishes for her nephew to be happy with someone. Aisu became even more excited when Seiya acted as manager for the park and was proud to see him losing some of his arrogant ways. She later motivated him to return to the park, as it was somewhere that made him feel happy and he followed her advice and took back his place as manager.

Saki Kyūbu

Seiya's younger step sister from his father's second marriage. Seiya and his sister have a good sibling relationship, as he deeply cares for her. When he met her again, Seiya boasted about his work at the theme park to her in attempt to impress her which somewhat worked as she was amazed by his tale. He also wants to one day take her to Amaburi one day, this was something she looked forward to.

Amagi Brilliant Park

Isuzu Sento

Because Isuzu is a recent transfer student, they have not known each other for a long time. It's said that they had never interacted before until Isuzu asked him on a "date". When they become acquainted with each other they form a rather volatile and uneasy bond, and they argue quite a lot. However this could also be interpreted as amusing banter. Seiya is clearly wary of Isuzu because she has a tendency to pull out a gun and point it at him. At one point, she fired the gun only centimeters away from his head which terrified him. Isuzu is shown to respect and like Seiya very much and approves of most of his opinions and decisions. Like Latifa, Seiya told her his fear of heights. As the story progresses, Sento begins to grow feelings for Seiya and it appears he feels the same way but doesn't know how to tell her.

Latifa Fleuranza

Seiya met Latifa as a child when he ended up in the hanging garden where Latifa lives. He found her crying because of her curse and because she was lonely. Seiya tried to make her laugh by doing an impression of a prince. He was unsuccessful and got a pitiful smile from Latifa instead. He swore to her that he'll save her and make her smile one day. In the present day, Seiya has forgotten his promise but get recollections of the past after reuniting with Latifa again. When he becomes the manager of the park, he starts caring for Latifa and ends up sharing personal information about himself such as his fear of heights.

After finding out about Latifa's curse and the possibility of her death if the park closes, he pushes the cast members even more than before, making him further disliked. He remembers their first meeting and tells Moffle his goal to make Latifa smile and that he won't fail twice. Both of them care for each other very much.


Seiya and Moffle's relationship is one of mutual animosity that first started when Seiya delivered his insulting speech in front of every member of the park. Moffle usually dislikes Seiya's way of changing the park particularly if it involves Latifa. A running gag in the series involves Seiya and Moffle engaging in intense fistfights which only end after Isuzu shoots both of them.

Despite their dislike for one another, both begin to develop some begrudging respect towards one another after both show their dedication to Amagi Brilliant Park to one another. Moffle even called Seiya by his first name one time when he saved the park as well as Latifa.

Park Employees

When Seiya first saw the park employees, he arrogantly viewed himself as better than them, even criticizing their way of work and their eccentric personalities. Upon learning they are magical creatures, whose lives would be in danger if the park were to be shut down, he took it upon himself to help rebuild it. At first, he was disliked for his arrogant ways as well as his tendency to overwork them without pay and making important decisions without their consent. Over time, his standing with a majority of them improved greatly and their interaction with him slowly caused to shed some of his stuck-up ways and be more open with them.

When he managed to save the park, many of the park workers thanked him for his actions by hugging him, to his embarrassment. He later gave a speech where he criticizes them (in good fun) for their first impression on him, though they laughed it off. However, Seiya greatly surprised the park when he actually expressed humility and gratitude towards them for all their hard work even shedding tears, while reflecting on them being by his side. This earned a brief silence from them before they laughed that he showed kindness to them, much to his dismay. Seiya soon informed him that he made a business arrangement with a large shopping industry which will keep their park so busy they wouldn't have to worry about shutting down ever again. The park were greatly surprised by this and cried tears of joy that they would be saved. Seiya soon stepped down from manager to their shock but after a talk with his aunt, he saw that he needed them to be happy and returned to work immediately to the park's delight.



Seiya is extremely excellent in management, being able to effectively organize the stagnant status of Amagi Brilliant Park and input a new policy which ultimately saved the park from takeover[1]. Seiya is also adept in maniupulation, efficienty using resouces in hand and even leverages to acomplish his goals.


Seiya using his powers

Seiya gained the Magic ability to read mind when he is kisseed by Latifa Fleuranza. This allows him to read his target's inner thought for a short moment. However, this magic can only be used only once per each different target, and reuse of the Magic on a previously targeted person will yield no result. This magic also could not read minds of those with stronger Magic Abilities than him, such as Takaya Kurisu.

In the anime, his eyes glow in yellow sparkle when he activates his Magic.

Seiya later evolve his Magic ability so that he could reuse this magic more than once on each target. However, subsequent uses will take away pieces of memories related to the target, one at a time. Seiya has no control over which piece of memory to lose from the entire recollection.


  • The name Seiya means "west" (西) (sei) and "to be, also" (也) (ya).
    • It can also mean "star arrow" and "west" when written in Kanji, which references him being a child star actor.
  • Seiya's surname Kanie means "river, stream" (可) (ka), "child" (児) (ni) and "bay, inlet" (江) (e).
    • It can also mean “yes”children in kanji.


  • Seiya is a reference to the rapper Kanye West.
    • Kanie is the Japanese loanword for Kanye, the kanji for Seiya can also mean "West".
      • He also shares some traits with Kanye West, mainly the superiority complex, eccentric thinking and narcissism.
  • Seiya has a fear of heights, shown in episode 4.
  • Seiya's birthday is on the 10th of August (Shown in the OVA, which may or may not be canon). Which means his zodiac is a Leo. He shares many traits with Leos, which include great leadership skills and being self-centred.
  • Seiya loves playing videogames on his PC. He plays FPS, RTS and RPG games, he prefers to play Western games and loathes Visual Novels.



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