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Volume 4 is the fourth volume of Amagi Brilliant Park series.


It's important to keep your work life and personal life separate... right? Well, the two are about to collide for Adachi Eiko when her boss, Macaron, stumbles into a fight with her fiancé in a bar! Now, to keep her influential father from taking his anger out on Amagi Brilliant Park, Macaron will have to win him over. Can he, Seiya, and Tricen put on a show good enough to impress the discerning doctor? And what sinister magical device has Seiya arranged to help facilitate the process?![1]


  • Chapter 1 - Adachi Eiko is Not an Adult
  • Chapter 2 - After the Iron Phore
  • Chapter 3 - Reality Bites
  • Chapter 4 - Night Parade (Trial Run)
  • Chapter 5 - Postscript


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Major Events

  • Macaron takes Eiko, Biino, and Shiina to a pub to eat, but while they're talking, a man comes in and starts pushing Eiko to leave. Macaron scares him away, only to discover that he was actually Eiko's fiance. Eiko then tells her father that Macaron's her boyfriend, so to keep him from attacking the park, Macaron uses a device to turn himself into a human and shows him around the park.
  • After seeing Macaron in his human form and learning that Moffle and Tiramy are equally hot, Isuzu, Muse, Kobory, Salama, and Sylphy kidnap the three of them and try to force them to display themselves in revealing outfits.
  • Moffle's House of Sweets grows popular to the point where the wait time gets to long. When a customer in the line collapses, Moffle has to choose whether to keep things the same, or reduce the playtime in order to keep the customers happy.
  • In order to help Latifa gain more Animus, Seiya organizes a parade where she can stand in front of the crowd. However, to protect Latifa, Moffle and Isuzu hire a large security detail, so it ends up more like a Military Parade then anything.



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