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Volume 4 is the fourth volume of Amagi Brilliant Park series.


Some people are just unlucky… right? Well, no one’s as unlucky as Biino Bandō, a high school girl who just got hired at Amagi Brilliant Park. Accidents and bloodshed just seem to follow Biino around, so if Acting Manager Kanie Seiya wants to stand a chance of reaching their attendance quota by the end of the year, he may have no choice but to fire her. By putting their fate in the hands of a distractible doctor from another world, can they save both the park and Biino’s career?[1]


  • Chapter 0 - Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - Special Case is the Vine Attire
  • Chapter 2 - Shoot It!
  • Chapter 3 - Family Affair
  • Chapter 4 - Big Five
  • Chapter 5 - Postscript


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Major Events

  • The reason behind Biino Bandō's bad luck is actually because of a curse put on her by a specter. In order to break the curse, the Amaburi crew calls a doctor from the the Magical realm to exorcise the spirit.
  • To help promote the park, Triken is charged with creating a PV that displays all of its good points. But because his original video was too boring, he redoes it, this time with the suggestions of all the cast members. The result, as you would expect, isn't exactly the best.
  • When Seiya requests a day off, Isuzu and Shiina grow curious and decide to follow him. They are stunned when he goes out on what appears to be a date with another girl.



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