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Volume 3 is the third volume of Amagi Brilliant Park series.


Working at your favorite amusement park is awesome… right? Well, it’s not so easy for Chujo Shiina, a painfully shy girl who takes a job at  to escape a miserable first year of high school. Her favorite mascots are cranky old men, the star of the live show keeps catching fire, and her boss barely acknowledges her existence! What she doesn’t know is that the park is in a new scramble to quintuple its yearly attendance or close… and she’s about to become an integral part of that effort![1]


  • Chapter 0 - Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - Chuujou Shiina Calls it Quits!
  • Chapter 2 - Magic APP
  • Chapter 3 - The Number of Days Attended Less!
  • Chapter 4 - The Country of Magic


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Major Events

  • Shiina Chūjō is put to work in Moffle's House of Sweets, where Moffle helps her gain the confidence to speak without panicking.
  • Muse downloads an app that allows you to see the human form of any fairy you take a picture of. She and Isuzu go around taking pictures of the Amaburi cast and are shocked to find out that Tiramy, Macaron, and Moffle all look like extremely hot men in their human forms.
  • In order to keep Seiya from dropping out of school, Isuzu, Macaron, Tiramy, and Moffle take turns impersonating Seiya and attending school in his place. However, due to bad acting and communication errors between the four of them, they accidentally cause a scandal between Seiya and another high-schooler.



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