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Volume 2 is the second volume of Amagi Brilliant Park series.


The next mission of Seiya, who has been appointed as "AmaBuri"s new manager is!?
Kanie Seiya has saved the park… right? Well, you can hardly call it “saved” when they’re majorly understaffed and their budget is running on fumes! Which means that if Seiya wants to give his newfound friends more than a brief stay of execution, he’ll have to navigate a new set of trials. Touch-and-go employee interviews and razor’s edge investor negotiations may be par for the course… but when things escalate to literal trials in a literal dungeon, it won’t just be the park whose survival is in question![1]


  • Chapter 0 - Preface
  • Chapter 1 - We're Lacking in Manpower!
  • Chapter 2 - We're Lacking in Funds!
  • Chapter 3 - Monthly Reports


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Major Events

  • In order to solve the staff shortage problem, Seiya holds interviews to hire new part-timers.
  • To find money for the park, Seiya, Isuzu, Moffle, Tiramy, and Macaron head to a cave in the park to search for a rumored treasure.



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