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Kobory (コボリー, Koborī?) is a fairy of earth and works at the Elementario at Amagi Brilliant Park.


Kobold, a fantasy folklore spirit/fairy that represents the earth element in Germanic folklore, generally Gnomes represent the element of earth. They are often depicted as rodent-mole-dog-like creatures that live underground or mines and like burrowing and looking for gems.They are known to tinker with machines and be well versed in engineering and building.


She has long, brown straight hair with flower clips. She has brown eyes fitting with her fairy of earth position. Kobory wears a forest green dress with puffed, long sleeves. She wears a white corset dress. She has two daisies centered in the middle of her corset which again adds to her title fairy of the earth. Her wings also contain perfectly circular holes of various sizes.


Kobory is a calm fairy, usually has a stoic demeanor and is shy. She does not say much out of all of the other fairies.However when it comes to subjects she is fond of, she becomes highly passionate and overly enthusiastic.

She is also polite in referring to other people with the -san suffix, even to her fellow mates.


She is the Elementario fairy of Earth.


Volume 1


Episode 1

Kobory is seen performing with the other fairies in front of a small crowd.



She gets along with Sylphy more than the other fairies as the two are often seen close together. As seen in episode 9, Kobory feels like a burden during the dancing trial and Sylphy assures her and makes her feel better.


They don't talk alot with each other, but they are good friends.


They don't interact with each other, but they still have shown to have a special friendship.


  • Her name may be a reference to Gnome the earth spirit/fairy, part of the elemental faeries which the rest of the other Elementium members are also based on. It can also be said that her name is a play on Koro-pok-guru (コロポックル, Koropokkuru?), or from Kobold which are related to Gnomes.
  • She is known to have the least coordination of the group and has to put more effort in her dancing.
  • She has shown interest in yaoi.
  • She is a closet Otaku, she goes to comiket, draws doujinshis and watches lots of anime. She even fantasizes about wanting to cut someone in half with a katana (only a figure of a speech)



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