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Kimura (木村) is one of Kanae Tsuchida's classmates whom she has a crush on, which he reciprocates.


Kimura is a young teenage boy of average height with spiky brown hair, and small dark blue eyes. He is often seen with his white shirt, red tie, brown pants and black shoes.


Kimura makes it no secret that he likes Kanae Tsuchida and he was sad that she chose Seiya Kanie over him.

He also gets upset when insulted or provoked, as he punched Seiya (really Macaron) for his supposed standing with Kanae. However, he appears to have little constitution for it, as he closed his eyes after the act and quickly ran off after being scared by the latter's bizarre habits.


Kimura was the boy that Kanae Tsuchida meant to give the love letter to but it accidentally ended up being sent to Seiya Kanie and a misunderstanding results in her falling for him instead. Kimura talks to Kanae about this before "Seiya" appears and he punches him but is creeped out by his antics and runs off in terror.

Later, when "Seiya" was talking to the girls "Kimura" appeared and made it seem like the two of them set it up as a plan to set Kanae up with him and the explanation is accepted with Kanae choosing to talk to him. It later turns out Shiina Chūjō informed Seiya about the recent events resulting in his disguising himself as Kimura (while hiding the zipper) though Seiya later pondered about how to explain it to the real Kimura.


  • The surname Kimura means "tree, wood" (木) (ki) and "town, village" (村) (mura).


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