Kanae Tsuchida (土田 香苗 Tsuchida Kanae) is a girl that accidentally put a love-letter in Seiya's locker, which actually was meant for Kimura. She first appeared in episode 8.


Kanae has gold-olive colored eyes and she has purple-grey colored hair, that is straight and quite short. She has twin-tails tied into two pink hairbands, featured with white accessories.

She is often seen wearing her school uniform.


Kanae seems like shy and generous type, but she is also afraid at getting yelled at. She also is easy to win over, Tiramy mentioned.

But, she also has a yandere type personality, example when Seiya (actually Tiramy) forgot her name or his associations with Isuzu Sento and Shiina Chūjō.


She was in love with Kimura since her first high school year, and decided to confess her feelings to him.


Episode 8: She wrote a love letter to Kimura to confess but it ended up in the locker of Seiya Kanie and "he" (actually Sento) goes to the spot where she apologizes for the confusion. Her worries are soothed by "him" as it was an honest mistake and this kindness causes her to blush before she leaves. Afterwards, she talks to Kimura explaining that she isn't sure who she really likes, because Seiya was kind to her and Kimura tells her he would of readily accepted her confession.

She is soon put off by Seiya (actually Tiramy) after he forgot her name or she learns of his associations with Isuzu Sento and Shiina Chūjō.

While her friends try to confront "Seiya" (actually Moffle), she was confused by his quick and sincere apology though his long explanation of love shocks. As he was talking to the girls, "Kimura" (the real Seiya) appeared and made it seem like that he and "Seiya" set it up as a plan to set Kanae up with him and the explanation is accepted with Kanae choosing to talk to him.





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