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Jaw (ジョー, ?) is a fairy with the form of a shark.


He has big olive-brown eyes, and wears a sailor suit about his torso. When he comes in contact with water, his appearance changes drastically, turning into a big megaldon.


Jaw is shown as polite and hardworking. He always speaks rather loudly and is prone to crying when feeling emotional.




Seiya Kanie

Despite being forced to work in the machine room which is against his nature, Jaw still shows high loyalty towards the park manager when he joined Kanie and the rest of the park staff infiltrates Tetsuhige's galleon. Seiya also trusts him with keeping Tetsuhige and his crew in line, to Jaw's joy.


They met when the Seal attempted to capture everyone in the park, Jaw unintentionally scared Tetsuhige with his real shark form. Due to his fear of sharks, Tetsuhige is terrified of him and will comply to Jaw's demand, despite his defiant attitude. Because of this, Seiya places Jaw in charge of Tetsuhige and his crew to not cause trouble.


When wet, he resembles an actual shark, which at first thought to be bothersome to Kanie Seiya as Jaw accidentally terrified a couple of kids at the pool during his time-off but later proven useful when frightening Tetsuhige and his crew due to their natural fear towards sharks.

Jaw also possess high durability, withstanding a cannon shot unscathed.



  • He shares the same Japanese voice actor as Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic which is also written by Shoji Gatoh.
  • Resembles an actual shark when wet.
    • Apparently, he was unaware of this until Seiya showed him his reflection
  • His name 'Jaw' is similar to the film Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg which is a shark-themed film, hence his name and shark-like appearance.
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