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An indoor theater where four fairies take the stage. Their perfect dance moves and scintillating wire action are the real highlights of the show.

The exterior view of elementario.

Elementario (エレメンタリオ, Erementario?), formerly known in the Light Novel as Aquario (アクアリオ, Akuario?), is one of the many attractions at Amagi Brilliant Park, located within the Sorcerer's Hill. The attraction consists of a stage performance by a group of four elemental fairies: Muse,Kobory, Salama and Sylphy.



The current four fairies, Muse, Kobory, Salama and Sylphy, have only been performing together for six months before Seiya Kanie's arrival. They had to suddenly form a team when their predecessors; the show's original fairy cast, all suddenly quit.

While the four fairies are able to manipulate the elements of water, fire, earth and wind to some degree, they are limited in using their abilities during their performances due to it being illegal to light a large flame indoors, the cost of excessive water consumption and the impracticality of digging a hole into the stage.

Following the incident with activating Maple Castle's automatic defense system, the Elementario show's storyline was changed reflect the trials the four fairies faced while deactivating the castle's systems.