Eiko Adachi is a woman who used to work in A.V. and is hired by Amagi Brilliant Park in order to compensate for the lack of staff members.


She has long, straight black hair which is accessorized with a pink headband and she has gold-orange eyes.  


She is very well mannered and has a polite personality. She has a soft spoken voice and a friendly smile. She is a good worker who loves to make people happy.

Because of this, she quits her jobs at AV (Animal Video) so that she can be a cast member for Amagi Brilliant Park.

She does not seem to be aware that her way of shorting her previous occupation leads to people misleading its meaning.


Not much is known about her past, except that she used to work as an Animal Video actress, shortened to AV.

She soon quit her job to apply for one where she would be to see the smiles on the customer's face personally.


Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6: She applied for a position at Amagi Brilliant Park and her surprise Isuzu Sento who previously saw her in a dream as well Seiya and Moffle as she wasn't eccentric but normal. She reveals her previous occupation in A.V films which surprises them as she tells them while she was satisfied with her old job but wanted something where she would be to see the smiles on the customer's face personally with that she is hired. Very soon Moffle thought that she meant AV as in Adult Video until seeing what she really meant and was put off by it.

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 7:



  • She share the same Voice Actress as that of Jin Russell of 'Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?'
  • She is capable of understanding what the mascots are saying when they are not speaking.
  • Gatoh (the author) had an interview when he said that Eiko was really an Animal Video she is the number 10



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