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Codain (コダイン, Kodain?) is the Etcet Land Cast Leader of Amagi Brilliant Park.


Codain's entire appearance is of a grey-brown dogū figurine. He has a round gray panel in the middle of his chest that sometimes lights up and displays blue alien writing.

In the Light Novel, rather than lay on the ground, he floats.


Codain does not appear to move or speak in the entire series, however he can move to different locations off screen.

In the Light Novel, the panel on his chest can light up and display a blue alien writing, but it is unknown if this is a means to communicate.


As well as being the cast leader for Etcet Land, Codain is also seen working at the crepe stall, but not doing a very effective job since he cannot seem to move or communicate.


Light Novel

Light Novel Volume 4

At the end of the Volume, Codain, Moffle, and the cast leaders get together at the yakitori bar Savage to relax. Though Moffle tries to ask him questions, he doesn't answer and eventually Moffle gives up.



The extent of his relationship with Moffle is unknown. However, since he accepted Moffle's invitation to go to Savage, it can be assumed that Codain has a friendly relationship with Moffle.


  • He is based on the Dogū.
  • His name is a pun on "Kodai" (古代, Antiquity?).



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