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Biino Bandō (伴藤 美衣乃, Bandō Biino?) is one of the new employees of the Amagi Brilliant Park whose employment by Seiya Kanie to the park is foreshadowed in Isuzu Sento's dream, and is later hired in order to compensate the lack of staff, but arrived at the interview injured due to being stabbed by her elder brother, who refuse to let her work at the park.


Biino has straight neck-length chestnut-brown hair that has a purple and yellow flower clip on the left side her head and red-brown eyes.

She was seen with her school uniform.


Bandō is a very kind and cheerful girl who kept her smile even after being stabbed by her older brother. She also seem to bear no grudge towards her sibling injuring her, even expressing concern for him when he was knocked out.

She is rather determined as she went to her interview rather than seeking medical attention.




Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6: Biino appeared in Isuzu Sento's dream along with Eiko Adachi and Shiina Chūjō, replacing Sento's position as park secretary.

She appeared to the park (much to Sento's surprise), being interviewed by Seiya, Moffle and Sento. However, they quickly noticed her bloody injury and suggests she go to the hospital, to which Bandō refused, persisting that she won't leave until she is accepted for the job vacancy, to which the unnerved Kanie quickly hires her. Soon a man appears wearing panty hose and holding a bloody knife, before Bandō reveals he is her older brother. Bandō explains that her brother had stabbed her to prevent her from working at the park.

After Bandō's brother had been dealt with by Seiya and Moffle, Bandō herself being brought away by an ambulance. Later on, she officially became part of Amagi Brilliant Park's staff along with other newly-hired recruits.

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 7: Bandō works at the pool, acting as a caterer with the snow cones for guests as a play goes on before the pool comes under attack by Tetsuhige and his crew. Despite being captured, Bandō remained calm because the visitors were enjoying themselves. Bandō is curious by Eiko Adachi showing the ability of understanding what the seal crew were saying, despite them not being mascots. Bandō ends up falling in the pool with snow cone syrup in her hair and ends up in the mouth of Jaw. After the park was liberated, Bandō was not pleased with the syrup in her hair.



  • The name Biino means "beautiful" (美) (bi), "clothing, garment" (衣) (i) and "from" (乃) (no).
  • Biino's surname Bandō means "companion, follower" (伴) (ban) and "wisteria" (藤) ().


  • Bandō works in the shaved ice stand near the pool area.
  • Ever since the incident during Bandō's interview, her running gags often involves blood, or at least a representation of it. She is also noted to be very fascinated with blood, as she fervently suggests to Tricen to enclude gore for the park's promotional video.


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