Ashe (アーシェ, Āshe?) is the Chief Accountant of Amagi Brilliant Park.


Ashe is a young woman, has tanned skin which contrasts her bold, blonde hair, styled in a high pony tail with a long fringe. Her eyes are teal and she wears oval glasses with thin silver rims.

During work hours, she wears a navy suit comprised of a smart navy blazer with all the buttons done up and a matching navy skirt. Her shirt is more of a blouse style, with the top buttons open so that the neck and collar bones are exposed.


Ashe is shown to be hardworking and highly logical. It's implied that she is highly intelligent and smart. She is also very well-mannered. Her hobby is Extreme Ironing.


In the written novel, Ashe is from Maple land and is described as a Demon with talents for accounting. Her demonic attributes are concealed by her suit. She is reported to have severely beaten up our dear Tiramie for repeated harassment.


Episode 2

Episode 3



  • Her appearance resembles that of Baker from Gundam Build Fighters.
  • She has a demon form in the Light Novel which looks her usual human form, but with the addition of devil-like horns on her head.
  • Ashe's name may be based off of the famous hip-hop artist, Usher. Ashe pronounced in Japanese is "Ashu" (Ash-Uh) which sounds very similar to "Asshā" which is how the Japanese would pronounce Usher.



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