Amagi Brilliant Park Original Soundtrack

Amagi Brilliant Park Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album of the Amagi Brilliant Park anime series.

Track listing

  1. Amagi Brilliant Park (甘城ブリリアントパーク)
  2. Extra Magic Hour (TV ver.) (エクストラ・マジック・アワー (TV ver.))
  3. Ineffective Support! (テコ入れが効かない!)
  4. Insufficient Manpower! (人手が足りない!)
  5. Elementario (エレメンタリオ)
  6. Moffle's Candy House (モッフルのお菓子ハウス)
  7. Heart-Pounding Coaster (どきどきコースター)
  8. Macaron's Music Theater (マカロンのミュージックシアター)
  9. Splash Ocean (スプラッシュ・オーシャン)
  10. The Cast's Horrible Reception (キャストたちの接客がひどい)
  11. Sorcerer's Hill (ソーサラーズ・ヒル)
  12. The Park's Regrettable Pronoun (残念なパークの代名詞)
  13. Our Adversary (私たちの敵)
  14. Movies That Drop the Guests (ゲストを倒す動画)
  15. Can't See Ahead (先が見えない)
  16. This Doesn't Look Like the Land of Dreams and Magic (夢と魔法の国とは思えない)
  17. Can't Look Behind (もう後ろも見えない)
  18. Dragon That Transcended Human Knowledge (人智を超越したドラゴン)
  19. Power Game (パワーゲーム)
  20. Pirate Ship (海賊船)
  21. Wonderland of Hope (希望のワンダーランド)
  22. All tickets Are 30 Yen (チケットぜんぶ30円)
  23. Good For You (グッド・フォー・ユー)
  24. Delicate Daily Life (微妙な日常)
  25. Facility Left As Is for Decades (何十年も放置されている施設)
  26. Keen Desire (切なる願い)
  27. Can't Find the Exit! (出口が見つからない!)
  28. Solitude (ソリテュード)
  29. There's No Time! (時間がない!)
  30. Princess latifah (プリンセス・ラティファ)
  31. Let's Meet at the Elementario! (TV ver.) (エレメンタリオで会いましょう! (TV ver.))


  • Tracks 2 and 31: Lyrics by Shoko Fujibayashi
    • Track 2: Composed and arranged by Nao Tokisawa, performed by AKINO with bless4
    • Track 31: Composed and arranged by Masanori Takumi, performed by BRILLIANT4 (Muse (CV: Yuuka Aisaka), Sylphy (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa), Kobory (CV: Shiori Mikami), Salama (CV: Minami Tsuda))
  • Tracks 1 and 2-30: Composed and arranged by Shinkichi Mitsumune
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