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Not Enough Pool Safety! (プールが危ない! Pūru ga Abunai!) is the seventh episode of the Amagi Brilliant Park anime series.


The park is on alert when a group of pirates from Maple Land appear to wreak havoc. With Isuzu, Latifa, Moffle, Macaron and the Elementario Fairies in their custody, it's up to Seiya and the others to make a stand against the pirates and rescue them. All of that without having the guests realize that it is not an act.

Once Tetsuhige and the pirates are defeated, Seiya forces them to work at the park as a an act as a way for them to pay off the damage they did to the park. He also puts Jaw in charge of them so they won't cause anymore trouble for the guests and as a way to give him better position.


In order of appearance:


  • When doing the stage performance, Sylphy was saying Chinese words.

Major Events

  • A Pirate Ship from Maple Land invades and the park is nearly taken over but the pirates are defeated and Seiya forces them to serve as new members.
  • Eiko displays the ability to understand the fairies' way of speech, even non-mascots.



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