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Not Enough PA Productivity! (秘書が使えない! Hisho ga Tsukaenai!) is the fourth episode of Amagi Brilliant Park anime series. It was written by original creator Shoji Gatoh, storyboarded by Taiichi Ogawa and Noriyuki Kitanohara, and directed by Taiichi Ogawa, with animation direction by Seiichi Akitake.


Thanks to Seiya's flawless management, the park's efficiency and visitor count is increasing, and when informed by Isuzu that Moffle, Macaron and Tiramy have some complains, he decides to let her deal with them instead, but the Elementario Faeries show him that instead of looking for a compromise, Isuzu just ends the discussion by threatening them with her gun. Seiya then scolds Isuzu for her behavior, creating a divide between them. In the next day, Latifa asks Seiya to ride the ferris wheel with her and in the occasion, it is revealed that he has a fear of heights, and when comforted by her, Seiya has the feeling that they have met before. Some time later, it starts raining, and with the drainage system broken, threatening to flood the entire park, Isuzu takes the lead and organizes an emergency operation to prevent further damage. After the rain, Isuzu reveals that her strict behavior to others is thanks to her military training, and believes that everyone in the park hates her because of that, but Seiya shows her the happy faces of the cast who thank her for her help, proving her wrong. 


In order of appearance:


  • 4 figure leg lock , Arm lock and Spinal lock grappling use in wrestling

Major Events

  • Seiya's fear of heights and his entertainment background are revealed.
  • Seiya find about how Isuzu had been managing the park.
  • The park is flooding due to the rain.
  • Isuzu's family background is revealed and she takes control of the situation.
  • Seiya and Isuzu's relationship improves.



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