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Nobody Knows What the Future Holds! (未来は誰にもわからない! Mirai wa Darenimo Wakaranai!) is the twelfth episode of the Amagi Brilliant Park anime series. It was written by Shoji Gatoh, storyboarded by Yasuhiro Takemoto, and directed by Noriyuki Kitanohara, with animation direction by Rie Sezaki.


The episode starts by calling everyone they can think of while sending the Fairies and a few mascots out to the streets with signs to get people coming. Tiramy and the Fairies stop in at the front gate office to see how things are going, but it’s a grim scene. Seiya and gang have called everyone they can think of but no one is around to stop by the park.

They call everyone they know in hopes to get some people to arrive, and so far it seems to be giving a positive response. The Fairies also get in on the action too, each calling, texting or tweeting to get guests to the park among them being friends or family. Tiramy causes angry couples to come after lying to them about having affairs and gets beat up for his words while Sylphy seems to have some group of people following her so she sends out the open invite to them all. Isuzu texts the rest of the staff telling them to call whoever they can think of and ask them to stop by the park. Things seem to be going well and maybe there is still a chance they can get the last 252 people before 9PM. Seiya also calls up Mutsumi Terano, the friend of Kanae Tsuchida from episode 8. With 30 minutes to spare, the people finally start flooding in, the numbers and hopes of the staff rising. Now with under 5 minutes left though, they’re 3 short and have expended all the people they can call.

But suddenly, those three kids who are always attacking Isuzu, are walking past with their parents, but when they look over and see Isuzu, they springing from their bikes, the three of them charge in and tackle Isuzu, but more importantly, they’re the last 3 guests needed which means the park is saved!

Everyone is overjoyed at this event, as Seiya collapses to his knees in relief while Moffle helps him up calling by his first name while thanking him. Seiya takes his hand before he is showered with hugs from the grateful park workers to his embarrassment.

The party starts the moment 500k is reached and while everyone is celebrating, Seiya is on the phone finalizing the deal to sell the southern portion of the park. From his reaction the deal went well, meaning their money problems are over! Now back outside, Seiya gives a speech where Seiya states he would resign his position. He then reflects on his first meeting with the park and jokingly criticizes the park before he surprisingly thanks them for sticking by his side in their time together. This surprises them as they go silent before they laugh at him for showing them humility and kindness. Embarrassed, Seiya stops them as he informs them of the deal with a shopping industry that is very famous and the numbers they will reach. He ends his speech by stating this means the park stays open, never having to worry about shutting down, the workers are happy to hear this.

After Seiya finished giving his speech, he spots Takaya Kurisu. Seiya goes to confront him but in doing so Takaya brings out a point that only a select few people would know: even if they got enough guests, they can’t save Latifa from the curse. He then revealed that he was the wizard who had put the spell on Latifa. Isuzu and Moffle arrive on the scene moments later, but the wizard has already escaped.


Following, Isuzu and Seiya say their goodbyes to Latifa, because she’ll end up forgetting them in under 30 minutes. Once both Isuzu and Moffle leave, Latifa finally breaks down in tears before Seiya, saying she’s not okay with all this, even though she said earlier that she was. She shows them here as Seiya holds her in his arms, trying his best not to be too emotional himself. The time has come now and the clock strikes midnight, Latifa falling asleep and her memories of her past year gone forever.

''I remember everything!''

The large tree they were sitting under begins to bloom and the flower petals float off with the wind. Carrying Latifa back up the roof top gardens where Isuzu and Moffle are sitting, Seiya states he failed her but the seemingly asleep Latifa starts to awaken; what’s more is that she remembers everything! It turns out that the tree is a collection center for Animus, the energy needed to keep the Maple Land people alive, and with all the fun that’s been had in the past three months it went full bloom, thus giving Latifa enough Animus to negate the curse, thus saving her!

Finished with his commitment, now Seiya packs up his stuff and readies to leave. Walking his bike to the gate he’s met by Isuzu, who is there is see him off. Their conversation was very akward as they both were blushing.

Back at home now Seiya’s aunt finally gets home from work, saddened to hear that he’s quit his job at the park. Aisu also mentions that it’s a shame he’s quit his job, being that he looked like he was really enjoying it, compared to before. Seiya had never considered that bit and it makes him reconsider his move of quitting work at Amaburi. Arriving at the park the following morning Seiya prepares himself once again, Isuzu pleased to half him back. Latifa is in tears again, seeing him to continuing helping the park to keep running smoothly. Once the morning assembly is over it’s showtime!


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Major Events

  • The park made 500,000 visitors on time.
  • Seiya thanks the park for sticking with him in their time even crying in front of them.
  • Seiya made a deal to sell off part of the park to a shopping industry, which would bring the park more business so they won't ever worry about closing.
  • Takaya is the wizard who cursed Latifa years ago. This meant he survived his suppose execution and took up an alias to destroy everything precious to Latifa.
  • Princess Latifa's curse is broken and she remembers everything.
  • Seiya almost confesses to Isuzu.
  • Seiya decides to stay manager as he felt like he belonged with them.



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