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Nothing to Worry About Now! (これでもう心配ない! Korede Mō Shinpainai!) is the eleventh episode of the Amagi Brilliant Park anime series. It was written by Fumihiko Shimo, and was storyboarded and directed by Takuya Yamamura, with animation direction by Kazumi Ikeda.


The episodes starts with 10 days left to the deadline and still needing to attract 100,000 visitors. Realising that at the current rate, they will not reach the target of 500,000 visitors by the deadline on the 31st of July, Kanie decides to use the stadium located in the southern area. He decides to host an anniversary soccer match for a professional soccer team that is in need for a stadium.

First the Seiya Kanie, accompanied by Triken and Isuzu must convince the executives of the soccer team to rent their stadium. In order to do so, Kanie uses his ability to realise their financial difficulty and as a result decides to sponsor the match and host it for free, in order to seal the deal. They renovate and fix the stadium to be ready for the soccer match.

Amagi's treasury which is already in dire straits are put under more pressure after the decision to host the professional soccer match for free. In order to resolve their financial problems, Kanie decides to sell the southern area of the park. While it was met with some opposition at first, everybody quickly agreed that this was the best solution.

Fast forward to the 31st of July, the date of both the soccer match and the deadline. The last day is their busiest yet with 20 minute queue times and most shows filled to their capacity. With the soccer match starting at 6pm, hordes of people arrive. But at 6 o'clock, 3 hours before the deadline at 9pm and after all the soccer game watchers have arrived, Kanie realises they have not reached the deadline yet. Kanie has 3 hours to get another 252 people to enter the park.


In order of appearance:


Major Events

  • Refurbishes the old stadium and holds a professional soccer match
  • At 6pm, when the soccer match starts, they have still not reached the target 500,000
  • They have 3 hours to get 252 guests



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