Amagi Brilliant Park Wiki

Amagi Brilliant Park (Amaburi) is a theme park in Japan, built around the conceptual theme of a magical fairy land known as Maple Land.

While originally a successful theme park, poor management has recently driven the park to near shutdown due to its run down attractions and low amount of customers.

While on the surface it is merely a theme park intended for the amusement of its patrons, in reality Amagi Brilliant Park is an Argel facility built to harvest "fun energy" that keeps the magical inhabitants of Maple Land alive. In addition, many of the park's staff are actual fairies known as "Maplelanders" who live in the human world due to various reasons and use the park as their source of income and means to survive.


The park was originally created as a refuge for Princess Latifa to reside within while under the curse. It was intended that the steady supply of Animus produced by the park's guests would be enough to keep the wizard's curse from draining her completely and killing her.

Operating on a contract with the Amagi Development firm, the park operates on the agreement that it makes an annual tally of 500,000 guests/ticket sales, which would be tallied on the first of each August. If the park fails to meet the agreed amount of guests/ticket sales five years in a row, the rights and ownership of the park will be transferred to the firm. Having failed to meet the required quota of guests four years in a row, the park had fallen into dire straits.

After trying several management consultants, all of which quit, a prophecy from an oracle instructs Latifah to instruct then-acting manager Isuzu Sento, who had been acting as manager in Latifah's stead for the past year to no avail, to hire the high school student Seiya Kanie as the park's new manager.
With the current visitor count at 250,000, and with only three months remaining to meet the quota, Seiya immediately implements a new purchase scheme by dramatically lowering the park's ticket prices to 30 yen, extending the park's open hours from 5pm to 7pm (with the intention of extending it further to 9pm once the proper lighting is installed) and launching a commercial video featuring the park's female staff in swimsuits. As well as spinning an amateur video of Moffle beating up an unruly guest to gain public attention and shutting the park from visitors for a day in order to clean and repair the facilities.

Following a near disastrous flooding of the park's underground facilities, Seiya sought a new source of income and discovered the Digerry Clan and the dragon Rubrum residing within a forgotten attraction within the park's southern property. Selling Dornell's anime/manga/video game collection to momentarily buoy the budget, Seiya hired the Digerry Clan and Rubrum as new staff while also beginning to ferment a plan using the southern section's abandoned sports stadium.


  • Fountain Square
    • Brilliant Market
      It's packed to the brim with Amaburi's latest merchandise. Located in Fountain Square.
  • Amphitheatre
Sorcerer's Hill
Rascal Square
  • Rascal Square
    A free-activity space bursting with the smiles of children. Essentially an open-space park in the park's north-west near the Ferris Wheel.
  • Astro City
    • Save the Earth
      Save The Earth
      A documentary on Earth sciences hosted by Mirai-kun.
  • Splash Ocean
  • Wild Valley
    • Planet Dinosaur
      Planet Dinosaur
      An educational tour of the dinosaurs, from the Triassic period to the Cretaceous period. The park's Head of Sales, Tricen, also occasionally makes appearances at this attraction.
    • Tomb Ranger
      Tomb Ranger
      Wild Valley's star attraction. Guests witness the adventures of Jack Randy as he battles pirates in Saitama, Japan, in pursuit of a treasure of onion miso crackers.
  • Etcet Land
  • Secondary Park
    The southern part of the land owned by Amaburi. Originally intended to be sports-themed area, it remained largely untouched due to economic collapse.



  • Amagi Brilliant Park has been open for 29 years.
  • A Theme park is a specific type of Amusement park. They are usually much more intricately themed towards a certain subject than what a normal amusement park might be.
  • The park can be reached by taking a bus from the Amagi Train Station.
  • Following a relocation of the park's main gate ten years before the start of the series, the park's entrance is at the West Tamaru bus stop, instead of the stop marked as "Amagi Brilliant Park", where the love hotel, Hotel Alamo, is now located. A request to have the name of the bus stop changed was submitted but nothing has come of it and many park guests get off at the love hotel by mistake.
  • Before Seiya's employment as manager, the park received a daily average of 2,110 guests on public holidays, with an average of 198 guests daily.
  • Dejimaland in Urayasu and Highlander Fujimi are also Argel facilities. Built by other magical realms for the same purpose as Amaburi as all magical realms need Animus to exist. Moffle is friends with Dejimaland's star mascot; Mackey.
  • On their off hours, some of the staff frequent Tavern Savage.
  • As the characters and locations increased in the park, they were added to the anime intro. Such notable characters and locations includes the dragon Rubrum, the Digerry Clan's staff building and Tetsuhige's pirate ship.